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And You Shall Receive.

18 March 2013

A Change of Place

This blog will now only be kept for archive purposes! Absolutely anything that I would so much as think of posting would be at the following:

Incoherent thoughts would still go here:

Anything that I have decided to post after doodling would be here:

And where I'll be posting now on for personal rants, thoughts, and short stories would be here:

Expect absolutely infrequent updates that may have gaps spanning literally months of even years!

11 August 2012

Incoherent Thoughts Migrated

All incoherent thought related posts from now on will be to the following link from now on. Cause tumblr seemed interesting enough for something single themed like this.

25 May 2012


"When did I became yours?"

"You always were. You just came to notice this now."

And then it's almost like a waterfall going backwards sometimes.

Everything flickers.

And then it's like being at six places at the same time.

And everything is so beautiful.

And everything is so sad.

And everything is so, quiet.

07 May 2012


It recedes, and every particle rests back onto you.

Your skin almost breaths the moisture.

The warmth of the sun is often teetering on the borders of being comfortable and exceedingly hot.

You sink just a little more into everything.

Sounds and noises and wind and people and its just so quiet in your head.

05 May 2012


And the fire burns everything. Everything.

Like acid flowing through your veins, its beautiful, and it burns.

Black ink seeps past my skin yet like sponges soaked too long, it never stops.

Glass shards on your little toes, a sandpaper massage. Perhaps a cheesegrator haircut later?

And everything radiates so glaringly, so soft yet so forceful.

Tell me, have you met the other me?

17 April 2012


You only get one chance, one opportunity to get it right.


Flex you fingers. Twitch if you must. Rest your shoulders. The other end. All that matter is the person on the other end.

Everything is calm. Every breath carefully controlled. Every heartbeat vivid, consistent, stable.


Surgical precision. Everything is calculated. Everything considered.

No doubts. No worries. No uncertainty.




13 April 2012


Gaze upon its wonder. Listen to the beauty of the sound. Feel its exquisite design. Taste the elegance of its magnificence. Breath the electric it bestows upon you.

Here's a radical thought, next time you have a bad idea, don't do it.

12 April 2012


It's like, holding a bowl shaped vase of sorts which is filled with water but also cracks all over. The water still leaks as you hold it, only slightly less so.

It's like, trying to digitally stop a leak in a boat. It helps, but it's unlikely to help much in the long run.

It's like, how putting a pillow over your head only blocks out so much sound.

Do you think, if we walked until our legs bled, and kept walking, we would come closer to understanding everything?

Do you think, we could miss things we never had, things we don't remember, things we can't so much as conceive of?

Do you think, the world would stop spinning if everyone just managed to get along?

Everything is so damn distant.

Hey, self, maybe if you stop hoping long enough, you'd forget that too.

Hey, self, stop pestering me.

A field of memories. A void sky. Tell me, why do they wilt into such an unsightly thing?

Everything becomes irrelevant. Regress regress regress. Turn back time and everything becomes irrelevant.

One step in front of the other.

Hey, self, do you think if I keep walking I'd forget everything?

Hey? Self?

08 April 2012


Time and time again I warned you, you have to be careful with these things. Otherwise you might as well be scooping water with a sieve.

You have to plan it well you see. Everything begins with a plan. Executing it is a league on its own. That, you don't need me.

You gotta do more than just see it for what it is. You have to get your hands dirty and feel every fiber of it.

You must be willing to forgo your sanity, because it is not only going to be challenged, it is going to be ripped away from you.

Steel your mind as much as you like, but when you start looking into things, you may just voluntarily shut it down.

But even if you survive, you have the others to deal with. Don't say I didn't warn you.

06 April 2012


Standing on principle, one could live. Standing on principle, one could die. To be indecisive, one is almost certain to receive the worst of both worlds.

Come come come, let us venture back into the heavy muck that holds familiarity. Do you remember, how this was once a great empire? It can be again.

Fearlessness breeds one to challenge their restraints. All things considered, the pointlessness of it leads only to wasted effort.

One step forwards, two steps back. It's all a learning experience is it not? Try try and try again. Failure is data, data we don't need.

If the world smiled, would you also smile? Or simply remain unaffected? Self, you are far too naive, far too naive.

Walk across the desert of your own mind self, notice that that which has changed is only your sight. We are still here.

Walking like a madman is undoubtedly fun, but one can only go so long before rest is needed. Take a break, take a break.

Play your games, go where you want to go. But home is where the heart is, and we await your return most patiently.